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The Attractiveness of Online Shopping

Many of us have begun to follow the growing trend for online shopping. In particular, one can find a large number of sites that offer very attractive discounted products online. Our social media offer dozens of opportunities that present global shopping online. And the prices that we see are so attractive we have to almost fight our inner selves not to try to order.


I will put my rating here in the beginning of the article so you have a chance to understand my rationale as you read on. Rating
This rating is based on my personal experience; other shoppers might have different experiences. is a very attractive platform that offers unique and trendy products for personal use. Their product lines range from sport items to trendy fashion items, and some health and beauty stuff.

The site would probably appeal more to younger buyers, who would be more comfortable with web-based shopping and buying. Trendy fashions, unique sporting goods and products, and interesting accessories make an enjoyable visit, if not a unique shopping experience.

Author's note:  
I am not a representative or an affiliate of, nor do 
I receive any compensation for my review.

And the real kicker is the amazingly low prices!

Wish promotes ridiculously low prices — as much 75 percent or more on some items. It is as though they are holding a continuous clearance sale through their platform.

This adds to the attractiveness of the offers. Imagine ordering a really trendy product, like a bag, or jacket for a really crazy low price. This benefit alone would appeal to almost any potential digital customer.

Men’s Tactical Bag
  • Lots of pockets
  • Generally pretty sturdy
  • Generally rather stylish
  • And then, add to that . . . a great price!

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This is the bag that I finally received from Wish. For the most part, it pretty much matched the selection. I chose the black color over the khaki because it would hide dirt more easily than the lighter color.

I was hoping that the bag would have been a bit larger, but it is quite convenient. It has space for a small laptop and a removable pocket that could hold a 10-inch tablet.

I was pretty satisfied with my choice. The bag is quite comfortable to carry. It has a should pad, although the strap seems a bit flimsy. I haven’t yet packed it with a lot of “stuff,” but so far it has proven satisfactory.

However, this is not the end of my story . . .

Benefits and Pitfalls

The development of international mall online shopping has provided some advantages as well as a few pitfalls. While we can enjoy the convenience of literally shopping from our chairs and laptops, there are also the risks of identity theft, scammed transactions, and failed deliveries, to name a few.

Really good sites not only offer a variety of payment options, but also provide convenient delivery options, sometimes at a discounted rate, especially for international shipping. Another benefit, though not necessarily common among all shopping sites is the availability of a chat service to for customer support and to respond to any customer inquiries or complaints. However, some services only offer a – very annoying – bot answering service, which can be more, if not just as annoying as those automated response systems you get when you call your bank or a department store praying that you will get a human to actually speak with.

And that’s just the back office stuff.

Once an order has been completed, there is the wait for delivery, and the hope that you will receive the product you ordered, and the extended hope that that particular product actually matches the illustration in the online catalog or product list. I once ordered a watch from an online service. Actually the product was promoted as free with only payment of the shipping, which wasn’t too bad. Once the watch arrived, I realized that it didn’t fit my wrist, as it seemed that the strap was configured for a rather thinly built individual, which I am not. Needless to say, I gifted the watch to my wife, who was quite happy to receive an unexpected gift.

My Journey to the “Dark Side” . . . and Back!

While I have received a relatively decent product, that so far meets most of my expectations, the experience of finally receiving my order is probably a small example of online shopping trauma that can arise at any time.

Let’s start with the ordering process.

Actually, ordering my bag was relatively uneventful. The price was attractive; the payment processing was simple and uneventful, meaning that there was no problem with processing my payment method, and so far, I haven’t noticed any unauthorized charges on my debit card (which is another story for another day).

I had placed my first order back in June of last year (2018). They mention that the order might take up to eight weeks for delivery depending on location and shipping processing. What I didn’t realize — that’s not fault of Wish — is the need to have a really good and reliable delivery resource. My second oversight was my lack of awareness of international shipping, especially from China, from where apparently the product was sourced and shipped.

Assuming that express shipping carried the same meaning around the planet, and not knowing that product fulfillment in China specifically carries a completely different mode, I added my local physical address. I also inadvertently provided a local landline number, also assuming that an express delivery service would call to verify location for physical delivery . . . Wrong!!!

Actually my first order did arrive, and someone from somewhere (I mean that literally) did call to verify my location. But then the cracks in the process began to show, and my journey to the darkness began.

I found Wish’s “chat” platform in the Messenger service, and assumed that I would integrate with a human for any follow up . . . Wrong again!

Nice detail of package transit . . . note the date

I was expecting my package around the end of June, which would have been great, as I had planned to travel soon afterwards . . . a good first trial for my new bag . . . Oh well.

What I realized was that the Messenger “chat” was actually an automated program — a bot program, I think they’re called — that generated generic responses to an inquiry. Unfortunately I had to search to find some way to connect with humanity again.

Continuing through the crisis

I finally connected somehow to a human, who apologized for the delay or loss of the package, and assured me to remedy the situation. After realizing that my package would arrive to a local post office, I managed to update my phone number in order to receive SMS updates to my mobile phone . . . and that worked. I actually got an update on shipping and a notification from my post office on delivery.

This is the final delivery of my package . . .

Interesting turn of events to say the least . . .

I realized that the fulfillment of the order originated in China and that the shipping was pretty much general inexpensive shipping. Actually there was also a link to the Chinese fulfillment service that also provided updates. But how they got the product wrong is beyond me.

I will spare you all the details of my anger and frustration as well as the very not-so-friendly messages I left for Wish.

Finally . . . resolution

As I am currently living expat status, I realized that perhaps I could use my mailing service back home to ensure safe shipping. I did not expect a refund, but Wish did give me credit to re-order the product or order any other products. I think they call it Wish Cash or something like that. Although they had a grace period to request refunds, they graciously refunded my amount totally due to my extreme frustration with their service.

My Wish Cash page with current balance

Anyway, I didn’t feel too badly since I had the credit, and took a chance to re-order the product. I kept the bottle, also!

Even after the second failure, I managed to get them to change my address to my U.S. shipping service. I use MyUS, which has proven to be very reliable over the years, even to the point of re-activating my old account after I had canceled my subscription for some time.

Author's note:  
I am not a representative or an affiliate of, nor do 
I receive any compensation for my review.

My overall costs were still reasonable, especially since I was able to benefit from Wish’s credit function.

Using my shipping service provided a couple benefits.

  1. A reliable delivery address.
  2. Efficient tracking on delivery and shipping
  3. Timely delivery to my international address

I finally received my bag in December of last year.

Conclusion and Recommendation

I’m still debating whether I would use again for any shopping. I don’t blame them totally for the mishap, although the effort to reach a human being is substantially annoying.

If you want to do any online shopping, especially internationally, it is a good idea to research the company well and check their credibility. It works wonders to be able to connect with a human, although that is still no guarantee for good quality or service. Also, make sure your delivery at your location is reliable and secure.

Comments are welcome! Good luck!

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4 Replies to “ The Attractive, the Not-So-Attractive and the Downright Annoying”

  1. Thanks for this great post. I’m pretty sure is just a dropshipping website. They list a ton of products from AliExpress and once you’ve placed your order, forwards it to the appropriate vendor. Once the vendor receives the order, fulfillment passes on to them. The reason that stands out from all the other dropshipping sites is their mobile app. They did a great job of marketing the app on Facebook which caused them to explode in sales. With that said, you can find the same great deals on your own by going directly to

    1. Hello Eugene . . . Thanks for your feedback and insight. I never tried AliExpress for personal shopping. I will give them a look-see. I have had some mixed results with AliBaba for some projects. If AliExpress has the logistics in better form, I would give them a try. The issue in some cases is making sure that one’s order actually arrives to the correct destination. That’s why it’s good to have options for express shipping, like FedEX, DHL, etc. I really didn’t like Wish’s bot chat . . . you get in an unending loop . . . worse than automated call support.

      Anyway. Thanks again for your contribution. Success to you in all endeavors.

  2. Hi, I know where your coming from. I have dealt with this from both sides of the coin.
    My wife uses to order quite a lot of products. She is generally very happy with it as she expects the long shipping times and the product quality is good for the price.
    I myself have run drop shipping stores and purchased from China and it can be very stressful – especially when customers receive the wrong products, they are damaged or they don’t get them at all. It’s not good for either party.
    The shipping itself can be hit and miss – I know the US & Canada use e-packet as a delivery service which was an agreement with China. They can generally get post to you within 10 – 15 days. For the UK however it’s 20 – 40 days.
    I guess you just have to weigh up the cost and the wait and decide if it works for you.
    Great article.

    1. Hello Mark. Thanks for the feedback. I think the success for shoppers would depend a lot on their locations and the effectiveness of their respective postal services. I think I might have mentioned that in my first experience with, I was not aware of the shipping process from China – they use the least expensive option available. Consequently, Wish does not really offer shipping options. So, one would really need a good postal service in receiving and forwarding. In my case, my first order was actually returned to the Chinese shipper because I had not collected it . . . unaware that the package had actually arrived. I can’t in all honesty blame Wish for that.

      Perhaps US / Canada / UK shoppers might have more success than other locations. I wouldn’t buy any clothing from them, but they do offer some interesting sports accessories, like the snorkeling masks.

      Thanks again for the come back. Success to you & your family in all endeavors.

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