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Anyone who works in an international business or cultural environment will agree that good English language skills may still be pretty high on our communications priority list.  If you need to check your English level, then you might begin searching the Internet for effective English language assessment based on international language standards.  I have used TRACKTEST personally and in work to provide English language testing online. After reading this review, you will be able to determine the potential of using this service to test your English level online for personal or business use.


One of my assignments at work was to develop a mechanism to test new job applicants for their English language skills.  I had some previous experience with language institutes, and was not convinced that we could get an accurate assessment on an individual’s language ability.  Also, I wanted to have a method that was based on some international standard in order to have some reliability to my management.  

What drew me to TRACKTEST was the fact that it provided a FREE English language test for individuals, and for me, FREE on the Internet is always attractive, especially if there can be some quality in the package.  I found this with TRACKTEST from the beginning.

Click here to learn more about TRACKTEST and their services and options

CEFR Language Standards

Like I said above, I was looking for international standards.  On their Home Page (above example), TRACKTEST indicates the CEFR standard.

So . . . What is CEFR? 

According to Wikipedia, CEFR stands for the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (click on the terminology to learn more at Wikipedia).  CEFR divides language skills over six levels, as you can see in the chart below, also found on the Wikipedia site
Although there are only six levels in the CEFR framework, each level defines distinct language skills.  Also because of the diversity of languages and cultures in the European Union, there are CEFR references for the various languages spoken throughout Europe, according to the Wikipedia article.

Registering for a TRACKTEST English Test

It’s really easy to register for a test on
TRACKTEST.  First of all, an individual test is Free, so that helps with ease.  Secondly, you only need your first and last names and an email address and password to register for a test.

I haven’t had to register in a long time, but you might get an email message asking to confirm your email address.  Aside from that, you shouldn’t have any other issues with registering for the service.

Also, since individual usage is free, you don’t have to enter credit card or other financial information to be able to use the service.  Having said that,
TRACKTEST does offer additional testing capabilities for schools and companies.  I think their rates are pretty reasonable.  I’ll try to discuss that later in this article . . . if I don’t forget!

Testing Options

As I had mentioned above,
TRACKTEST applies the CEFR standard to their testing platform.  So, their tests are also structured according to that same standard, and they have designed each test level to assess the skills that the CEFR levels have defined.  

This is good if you already have an idea of your expected or desired level, or if a company wants to test their employees at certain levels depending on their job requirements.  

At the same time, TRACKTEST offers a new user the option to assess your level before actually taking the formal test.  

Individual, Business, or Institution Possibilities

TRACKTEST is free for individuals who wish to check their English language level.  This can come in handy if you are job-searching, or need to show evidence of English language proficiency.  

Once you successfully complete your selected level test, you can view and download a certificate of completion.  The certificate may be suitable to present with your documentation, and you can add the test completion and results to your resume.  

Also, with your account, you can test at multiple levels.  The platform keeps a profile of each user that includes your tests taken, results, and suggestions for improvement.  

Business and Institutional Benefit 

I use TRACKTEST primarily at my company as part of the screening process for job applicants.  We also plan to begin to test some of our corporate staff to help determine what additional English language learning we might have to plan in future.

However, schools and also possibly use TRACKTEST as part of their language learning curriculum.  I haven’t yet used the platform for language learning activities, so I can assume that the same features will be available for educational institutions.  

The service does come with a subscription for companies, but I think that it is relative reasonable for the level and quality of the service that we have received in my company so far.  

Click here to learn more about
TRACKTEST and their services and options


Working in a corporate environment, it is important that we can appreciate a degree of quality and consistency with our services.  We have been using TrackTest for about one and one half years now.  We have just renewed our subscription to cover our future usage for at least the rest of 2019.  

I will try to list some of the features that we have found useful through our experience with TRACKTEST. 

  • Ease of Registration – I had already mentioned above about how easy it is to register for TRACKTEST as an individual.  In our company, we can also easily register participants to assign for language assessment. 
  • Flexibility in Access – You can invite participants to register for the test, or you can assign a voucher for each participant.  With the voucher method, we are able to have a bit more security with controlling and managing results, especially for job applicants. 
  • Certificate – That can always be helpful when one is job hunting.
  • 4 Skills Areas – TRACKTEST assesses the four standard language skills areas – Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing.  The test has a built-in recording system where participants record answers to specific questions.  What’s good about this is that each question has a minimum time frame, and the participant must at least reach that minimum before moving to the next question.  
  • Time Management – Administrators can adjust minimum times for the core language portion (reading and listening).  You can also adjust the minimum passing grade.  

The following video demonstrates some of the customization features that
TRACKTEST offers companies to present their corporate branding in a test.  This has been a really cool feature for new applicants.  We provided the TrackTest support team with our branding guidelines.  They worked on some suggestions and with our approval relaunched the website with our corporate branding.  

I have been personally and professional satisfied with our use of TRACKTEST for our Company over the past year or so. I think they provide a consistent and standardized method to assess English language proficiency for individuals, companies, and institutions.


I hope this review will help you consider TRACKTEST for your language assessment needs, whether as an individual, institution, or company. I am sure you will find a high level of utility with the platform, the service and the result for your users.

I am sure I may have missed some very useful information, but on a visit to the website, you will be able to find out much more and even get a chance to test the system for yourself.

Good luck! And please feel free to leave a comment or question below.

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