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Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing

A challenge for online marketing beginners is to start affiliate marketing in an effective manner.  But more importantly we need to also focus on how to learn affiliate marketing effectively.  This is important because for one, in any activity we start, we want to get benefit, but we also want to be able see some results from our affiliate marketing start up.  Above all that, we want to see some benefit from our effort in a relatively reasonable amount of time.

Many of us have started an online marketing or online business effort because we want to earn extra income to maintain or improve our lives or lifestyles.  At one point in our online marketing journey, we have followed the super ads that promise almost instant income with a minimum effort.  And any many, if not most cases, we have probably lost money.  An important point to consider is where to learn affiliate marketing in a way that will help us achieve the results we seek.

With affiliate marketing, the options to learn and grow may be almost limitless, as the affiliate marketer will have access to pretty much the planet as a market potential.  Our challenge would be how to start affiliate marketing free, at least in the beginning, and of course, how to sustain our growth and development in affiliate marketing to the point that we can actually see some results.

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Just a Little Bit about Myself

Don’t worry! I won’t fill this space with photos of luxurious vacation spots or hot cars in front of a mansion that I probably don’t live in.  I am like most individuals, I grew up in a modest family home with both parents. I had the opportunity to know my grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins.  I went school, university, life, marriage, children, etc.  I am still a working professional, and wondering if retirement is such a good thing, especially if you don’t have cash flow.

I got started seriously in online business efforts several years ago. Even before that, I had ventured into the world of MLM and network marketing with some well-known companies.  One thing I learned from the MLM experience – with all due respect to the high quality of most products – is that one should have strong and positive cash flow, and in many cases some space to store inventory.  This doesn’t take away from the very high quality products that one can find in some MLM ventures, but there is a level of committment that I just couldn’t maintain at that point in my life.

I later learned about affiliate marketing through such platforms as Clickbank and others.  I even began to promote some goods and services on one of my four previously owned websites.  During this phase, I also ventured into product promotion, where I added a specialy product for sale through PayPal.  I actually made some sales, but could not get revenue for a couple reasons:  One my costs for shipping were too high, and two, I didn’t have strong enough ranking for my websites, although I did get sales from people who actually found my sites through searches . . . so that was a real achievement.

To make a long story short . . . and not to bore you . . . I went through a financial crisis, was out of work for about two and a half years, and got in deep debt that I am slowly digging my way out of at this moment.  I learned a few valuable lessons:

  • learn to manage money practically
  • think before you buy
  • pay your debts immediately (my father told me this years ago . . . I didn’t listen)
  • be honest with yourself

I have found many really good programs in online marketing, services, etc., however there was always a certain pattern that I knew I didn’t fit in:

  • really successful leaders who had left lucrative careers to become really successful entrepreneurs
  • free start with a need to commit to sustained financial commitment over time (a lot of money)
  • sometimes unclear information about what one is actually marketing . . . is there a product or service, or just a need to sponsor more people like you?

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Now, I’m still a working professional.  That’s how I’ve been able to pay down my debt.  But at my age, I don’t foresee many more years at full time employment.  So, my immediate goal has been to find a way to build positive cash flow and sustain a reasonably stable lifestyle.

The World of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not difficult.  Actually it’s pretty easy.  However, there is the need for commitment, focus, and some consistency.

What’s really important with affiliate marketing is to be able to learn the basic and fundamental steps to building an affiliate markeing venture in a way where you can grow and actually realize progress as you develop.

Some of Us Will Have to Unlearn before We Can Learn

As I had mentioned above, I am a working professional.  Sometimes that can be a hindrance when we get involved with online marketing and the digital entrepreneural world.  Many of us have become accomplished in different activities and arenas.  Whether in business, academics, sports, or any other endeavor, we have achieved highs, experienced lows, and for the most part, amassed a great deal of experience, know-how, insight, and some of those other terms that people like to use in social discussions.

However, when starting out in online marketing, and affiliate marketing, I have learned that it is important to “unlearn” so that I can begin to learn correctly and have a better chance to succeed.  For affiliate marketing, I have tried several platforms, programs, and strategies.  I have found Wealthy Affiliate an appropriate mechanism to help anyone who is serious about achieving a higher level of online busienss success.

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Unlearning is not a terrible thing.  It does not indicate that we are in any way inferior in intellect or intelligence.  I use the term to simply demonstrate that we might sometimes need to accept that we may need to change our focus and perspective when it comes to building an online presence and doing business online — in any form.

Some Tips for “Unlearning” in Order to Start Learning

The following suggestions are from my personal experience. As we all go through this process, or for those who have done something similar to this, other useful techniques might also be available. Please feel free to add in comments following this post.

  • Acknowledge our need to unlearn in order to learn.
    • We all know how “they” always say, ‘half of a solution is recognizing that there is a problem,’ and other nifty slogans.
    • To recognize that we may need to turn off our knowledge achievement valve in order to allow a new flow of ideas, skills, and habits will be a key in moving forward for success.
  • Be prepared to change
    • Sometimes, our greatest challenge to success is our willingness to change and our commitment to implement change in our life, habits and focus
    • Unlearning may reveal the possibilility . . . the opportunity . . . to implement new changes in how we view opportunities, how we structure processes, and how we move toward building success.
  • Set a zero point to begin the learning process
    • Our “zero point” can best be described as that point where we start to learn, or relearn those concepts and habits to help us achieve a success motion in our quest for online business development and success.
    • For example, my ‘zero point’ is my commitment to Wealthy Affiliate learning programs because they give me a chance to put everything I previously learned about online marketing in to a proper perspective so I can begin to learn in a more structured and progressive way.
  • Learning must be step-by-step
    • Baby steps!!
    • Take it easy!
    • One foot in front of the other – conceptually speaking, of course!
    • Keep – It – Simply – Simple
  • Be patient as we progress
    • Our egos and our comfort of smooth processes will get the best of us on occasion. Then we would want to skip through content, or jump over steps, etc.
    • Wealthy Affiliate helps us in brining that focus at the end of each lesson to complete specific tasks . . .
    • Do it . . . Get it done . . . Take the time to get it right.
  • Apply what we have learned in a practical situation as soon as possible
    • Again, the benefit of our processes with WA, but whatever learning we engage with, we need to try to apply the new concepts to our actualy business building as soon as possible so it will make sense.
    • Also we get the chance to make a print of the new habit in our minds, and as we practice, it becomes easier.
  • Build on a good foundation 
    • Just like building a house . . . . ’nuff said!
  • Celebrate all successes no matter how small
    • The feeling a success in our endeavor – no matter how small – is an amazing feelilng. Celebrate that feeling with that pat on your back.
    • Then get back to work!
  • Continue along a path of growth, progress, and discovery
    • Keep moving forward, even with baby steps.

We all have pretty much a relatively equal opportunity to succeed in online and affiliate marketing efforts.  With the willingness to learn and to change our perspectives, we might just achieve that level of success that we intend to reach.

Thanks for your attention.  Feel free to comment.

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