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Hello and welcome to my site. I sincerely hope that this space will add value to your forward movement in your own life and affairs. I look forward to sharing information, opportunities, experience, and insights with anyone who visits my site that we all move in our respective lives toward directions that add quality to not only our lives, but also value and substance to humanity, creation, and the world in general.


My involvement with online business development is probably a result of several years’ development and exploration that probably began well before the advent of the internet and online marketing as an industry. I first got interested in alternative resources for income during the era of list mailing. Fortunately, I avoided the trap of chain letters and such, but I did at one time join a program to mail some content to a list of names in hopes that there would be some residual returns, which actually never manifested.

I also explored the world of multi-level marketing, having joined a couple – well actually a few programs where inventory and monthly shipping counts were the norm. I won’t bother to mention any names. While the products were of very high quality, the cost in terms of space as well as funding quickly became prohibitive when there was no result from cold-calling or even trying to sponsor friends and associates; I didn’t bother with relatives. But the experience in approaching a perfect stranger with a product or service also added a bit of substance to my personal fortitude.


Of course, with the advent of the Internet, many of us were initially excited at the opportunity to send a message to anyone on the planet, virtually, and get a response essentially in the time it took for the recipient to type a response and hit the SEND button on his/her email client of choice. The process of dial-ups and the like were a small consolation for the convenience of rapid communications.

Consideration to use the Internet as a vehicle for marketing, selling, providing services, etc. did not really arise in my view until a few years later, as I had grown a bit weary of “something-for-nothing” pitches. I don’t really remember when I actually got involved in online marketing, but I’ve been involved for a number of years, with a variety of experiences.


At one time a few years ago, I actually owned and published about four distinct websites. I actually sold some products online, but I could not sustain any real business growth mainly due to limited financial resources. And, I have paid and lost more than a few dollars in joining programs that promised sustained residual income, unlimited wealth, etc, etc. So, no, you will not see any photos of exotic car, exquisite mansions, vacation hot spots or any of that kind of presentation on my site, unless, of course I actually have acquired such “gifts” in the real world. But I would hope that once I achieve that level of financial success, I would still have enough presence to use my new-found wealth sensibly, especially to help others.


WA is like a breath of fresh air for someone who have been dabbing into online entrepreneurship over time. The structure of the program, the support, the training. . . All provide a consistent means to learn and grow in a gradual manner. I look forward to hanging with WA for some time to come, and helping others just like others have already helped me. . .


I want to share my success, not just with WA, but with all the programs that I have available to share. I look forward to helping others around the world find ways to enrich their lives through learning and developing effectively.


Thanks again for visiting my site. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below. Success to all!!


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